About us

About us

Afri-Carbon pay is a digital platform that allows individuals and companies to regenerate and reforest Sub-Saharan Africa and off-set their carbon emissions

Our Mission

Our goal is to restore the degrading forest resources in Sub-Saharan Africa. The tropical and sub-tropical forest of Sub-Saharan Africa have proven to be one of the most efficient sinks of GHG emissions.
Thanks to Afri-Carbon Pay local project developers will be able to restore indigenous woodlands, reforest drylands, supports indigenous communities and conserve biodiversity. Our digital platform is a climate technology solution solving the problem of deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Land clearing due to agricultural expansion remains one of the biggest drivers of deforestation in Africa and Afri-Carbon pay wants to incentivize communities to reverse the same with restoration efforts.
We want to utilize technology to make forest restoration easy and provide support to companies and individuals seeking climate-smart solutions and a resilient sustainable future. With our planet warming up and our future linked to the restoration and conservation of forests, we care to heal ecosystems and transform communities.

Our History

Afri-Carbon pay was founded in 2020 by Tonthoza Uganja, Cecil Chikezie, Agnes Shivute and Madol Anyieth during the CTCN and UNEP Climate innovation labs. They pooled together ideas in trying to find a solution for deforestation for their countries (Malawi, Kenya, Namibia and South Sudan) respectively. Providing a technological climate solution to deforestation the team developed a digital platform to connect individuals, companies and organizations to local project developers driving local land restoration efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.